A large part of every producer’s success and continuation depends on the sales of the content we produce. When material is pirated (put up on free sites and downloaded without payment to the producer), everyone suffers including you. By downloading free content, you are taking money directly from the producers as well as the actors and actresses you love to watch. The ability to have a career is fully dependent on your purchases. A lot of hard work goes into every single production and a lot of people sustain their lives with a paycheck from this work the same as anyone would from their respective jobs. You are essentially their employer.

I used to monitor piracy weekly through the DMCA process. This was 8-14 hours of my week dedicated specifically to the removal of pirated content across over 70 known sites. Although I personally have not had much time in the past 4-6 months to stay up on this, I am back at it and will transition this task to my newly formed Copyright Team as the Intellectual Property contained in this project has been converted for our new project. 

My site will finally shut down this month, May 2018. The financing for our latest endeavor has gone through all legal hurdles and we are able to move forward. This means that if you want any of our videos, you must purchase them prior to website shut down. The exact date is TBD (this month), however, it will most likely not be announced and will be an abrupt closing. 

We will monitor all of our content for illegal sharing after the site closes. This notice is for everyone and applies to all content creators who put so many endless hours and so much hard work into providing  enjoyable content readily available to you. 

We appreciate your support and patronage as many producers continue to bring you the latest content with your favorite actresses and characters. 

And on a personal note, thank you for your kind words, emails, constant support, and acceptance into the community as it has meant a lot to me and my team over the years. Because of all of you, we are able to move on to the next chapter of our adventure and bring a lot of these characters to you on a much larger level— stay tuned!

—Logan & theSuperheroines.com Team